Tambour Embroidery Hook With 3 Needles


Quality iron and wood tambour hook for Sale!

  • Set includes: needle holder made of wood and 3 iron needles (Sizes: #70 (0.7MM), #100 (1MM), #120 (1.2 mm). Handle size is 4.4 inches
  • Colors: pink, blue, or brown
  • Price is per 1 set described above.
  • Product Detail: This tambour hook is used for doing tambour work with beads, sequins, and French wire. The small hook at the tip helps in bringing the thread to the upper side of the fabric for creating loops and attaching sequins and beads. This tool comes with a wooden handle and three hooks of different diameters. You can easily create beautiful patterns and designs with this tool. You can also create various stitches like chain stitches with this tool.

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